Following the State of Ohio Medical Board recommendations, below is my COVID-19 protocol. As most of you know, our pre-COVID-19 past is not our future. Certain changes have been made in the way I do business in my best effort to keep us safe. I use ‘us’ because we are a partnership. 

1. Mask requirement: I will be wearing a mask before, during, and after your massage to keep you safe and will require the same of you while you are face up and/or side-lying. I have a filter on the face cover which will allow you to breath easy while continuing to protect when face down. So far this has kept me safe as well as also the other clients who enter my office. I am so grateful for your willing compliance. If you do not have a mask, I will supply a disposable mask for $5. However, I do realize there are a variety of reasons why wearing a mask is not feasible for various individuals. Let’s talk about it prior to your appointment.

2. Ongoing Communication: As always I will send an appointment reminder the day prior to your appointment. At that time, or any time prior to your appointment time, if you experience any signs of illness, reach out to me to reschedule. There will be no cancellation fee for any health-related cancellation. As we continue to return to our ongoing schedule, I will ask you to immediately contact with me if you or anyone in your immediate circle are diagnosed with COVID-19. Unfortunately it’s the only way I know to best way to protect all my clients at my office.

3. Monitoring: I am still doing temperature checks just prior to the start of your appointment. My thermometer requires no contact. Although we have learned this is not always a reliable indicator of COVID-19 onset, it provides some useful data as well as good record keeping. 

4. Gel In and Gel Out: There is now an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser at the door of the massage room. You will “gel in” upon entering and “gel out” upon exiting the room. I am still required to wash my hands and forearms past my elbow just prior to the start of your massage. Please do not use my pump bottles. I’m trying to reduce the items I must clean.

5. Hot Stones: These are not available at this time due to the amount of cleaning required to turn over the room for the next appointment. 

6. I recommend showering upon returning home. 

7. Tight Timing: I have a limited time period between appointments to thoroughly disinfect anything that has been touched by both of us. Even though we know the risk of contracting COVID-19 is minimal via this mechanism, this disinfecting is still required. This time is necessary and as such it shortens the time we have to chat prior to and after your appointment. I appreciate your respect of that. Our safety is my utmost concern. If you need more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time to discuss your health, please let me know so I can make adjustments. 

8. Payment, please read if you want to use your credit card: As always, I will continue to accept cash and checks as forms of payment. For those of you who use credit/HlSA cards, I am asking that you set up your mobile phone Apple Pay or other touch less feature on your phone. This will enable you to make payment with the least amount of contact. Do not use your debit card as it will require you to put in your pin on my device and this is not achieving our goal of reducing touch. I can also accept payment via Venmo if that is your preferred choice. 

9. Also, sorry but I am no longer allowed to give you water, so please bring your own.

Thanks for entering into this partnership with me and stay safe, Diane 

Rejuvenating Therapeutic Massage

Welcome to Rejuvenating Therapeutic Massage, LLC!  At Rejuvenating Therapeutic Massage, you will discover a spa-like atmosphere with a very personal touch.  This is not a cookie-cutter process but an individualized approach to healing through therapeutic massage. At your first visit, we will discuss your current health as well as your health history. Massage creates change in the body and it’s necessary to know what your body has been through as well as its current health conditions in order to best tailor the massage to your needs. It is important to know what your goals are for the session as we work together to ultimately achieve that outcome.  Together we will work toward that goal and, eventually, work to maintain that outcome through regular massage.  Changes in your health should always be discussed with the therapist prior the massage session.

Appointments are scheduled Tuesday through Friday by calling or texting (614) 266-7679.  Feel free to download and fill out the Client Intake and HIPAA forms prior to your first appointment. Please bring the signed short version of the HIPAA form.  The long version is for your documentation.






9 W. New England Ave. Worthington, OH 43085  |  (614) 266-7679